Friday, May 6, 2016

Ted Helard Artist Portfolio

I have created this temporary blog post as a vehicle to host some images of my work while my website is being revamped. Be sure to check out 

in the next couple of weeks as the site will be back up and running soon.

"Erin" red and white chalk 2016

"Jonelle" black and white conte' 2014

"Chloe" black and white charcoal pencil 2015

"Bride of Cthulhu page 3" pen and ink digital color 2010

"Hans and Greta page 11" Graphite 2015
"Scruffy the Dragon page 7" Pen and Ink" 2015
"Hans and Greta page 12" Graphite 2015
"Artemis IX page 1" Graphite 2016